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Community Plant Variety Rights

The Community Plant Variety Right is governed by Regulation Nr. 2100/94 (Basis Regulation). The Regulation provides for the possibility to obtain a Plant Variety Right valid throughout the European Union. The Breeder can submit one central application at the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO). The implementation of the Basis Regulation is in the hands of the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO), which is located in Angers (France).

 Community plant breeders' rights vs national breeders' rights

A Community Plant Variety Right is in force in all EU countries. National Plant Variety Rights previously granted to a variety become 'sleeping' once a Community Plant Variety Right is in force . After the grant of a Community Plant Variety Right, an individual EU country can no longer grant a national Plant Breeders' Right for the variety in question . In some cases, despite the Community Plant Variety Right, a national Plant Breeders' Right is still needed. For example if the breeder finds his interests adequately protected by a Dutch Breeders' Right or costs are involved.