Existing EU-BreedersĀ“ Rights are now also declared valid in the United Kingdom (UK).

23 maart 2021

This message only concerns European Breeders´ Rights. The Dutch Board is responsible for Dutch Breeders´ Rights (and/or listing). Nevertheless, we decided to publish the message below about European Breeders´ Rights and the consequences of Brexit, on the website of the Dutch Board. This only for information-service to our applicants, who often are also dealing with European Breeders´ Rights.


As the United Kingdom (UK) has now officially left the EU (BREXIT), the UK will be seen as a ´third country´. As a consequence, the transfer of existing EU-Breeders´ Rights  to the UK still had to be organized.


Existing EU-Breeders´ Rights are now also declared valid in the United Kingdom (UK).

As agreed on, the UK-Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has now published a list with plant varieties that have Breeders´ Rights in the EU and now have Breeders´ Rights for the remaining period in the UK as well. On her site DEFRA writes: ´These varieties will have continued protection in the UK.´


Through the link below, the published file with about 31,000 varieties can be consulted on: : https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/eu-plant-breeders-rights-transferred-to-uk.


For further questions about this list or other related issues, please go to: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/plant-breeders-rights. The UK suggests that you check this page on a regular basis for any changes to the future management of the transferred PBRs. The website of the UK further advises: if you want to change any details of your plant variety, contact pvs.helpdesk@apha.gov.uk with your request and EU grant number.


The UK will continue to use the EU grant number for any correspondence.

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