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Board for Plant Varieties

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Sotaweg 22, 2371 GD Roelofarendsveen, The Netherlands


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P.O. Box 14, 2370 AA Roelofarendsveen, The Netherlands


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Administrative test

Before a variety is granted Plant Breeders' Rights or included on the National list, an administrative test is required. A technical DUS test and VCU are also carried out.


Right to the variety

The Board for Plant Varieties establishes whether the application for Plant Breeders' Rights is legitimate; does the applicant have the right to the variety for which Plant Breeders' Rights have been requested?



To qualify for Plant Breeders' Rights, the variety concerned must be novel. The variety may not have been marketed in the Netherlands for longer than one year before the application and no longer than four years in any other country. The Board for Plant Varieties will investigate if a new application for Plant Breeders' Rights complies with these criteria.



The applicant must suggest a name for the variety. This can be done at any moment during the procedure. Fantasy names and codes can both be used. The proposed name must be submitted using the Denomination proposal form.
Naktuinbouw will check if the proposed name complies with the international regulations for the denomination of new varieties. If the name is acceptable, the Board will publish the proposal in its e-bulletin, the Gazette. Objections can be filed for up to three months following this publication.
If the proposed denomination fails to comply with the demands or if there are sound reasons to object to the proposed name, a new proposal must be made.
If the proposal complies with the denomination criteria and no objections have been filed, then the variety name will be registered and published in the Gazette.

Naktuinbouw can also check several names at the same time in advance for their suitability. A fee will be charged for this service.