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Do you have a question when applying for Plant Breeders’ Rights or registration? Please contact us at or

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Board for Plant Varieties

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Sotaweg 22, 2371 GD Roelofarendsveen, The Netherlands


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P.O. Box 14, 2370 AA Roelofarendsveen, The Netherlands

Online applications

  • Applicantions for European plant breeders rights and/or, Plant breeders rights or listing in the Netherlands

    Submitting online applications is possible through the module of the CPVO.

    With this module you can apply either for European or Dutch plant breeders rights and/or listing in the Netherlands.

    Go to:

    Online application


    As we can more efficiently process online applications, we charge a lower application fee for online applications. These fees are applicable.

    Technical questionnaires are now available for the species: potato, alstroemeria, gherkin / cucumber, Celery/Celeriac, Cauliflower, marrow, pea, freesia, lily, melon, paprika, phalaenopsis, lettuce, spinach, tomato, tulip, onion, watermelon and carrot.

    The TQ's of other crops will follow on short notice. We will inform you via the newsletters and via this website.

    The online submitted applications for the Netherlands are automatically imported from the CPVO module into our own database.


    Do you have questions or remarks about the online system? Please contact us.

  • Applications for plant breeders rights in (one of) the UPOV member states

    As from January 2017 the online module of UPOV (EAF) is available. Through the EAF system you can apply online for plant breeders rights in (one of) the UPOV member states. Technical questionnaires are available in the species: lettuce, apple, sojabean, rose and potato. More information is available:

    Online application


    In case of an application for plant breeders rights in the Netherlands, UPOV will forward your application to the Dutch Board for Plant Varieties.

    Naktuinbouw will compensate the costs of using the EAF system

    When using the EAF system you will be charged with an EAF fee. In 2017 Naktuinbouw will compensate the EAF fee with € 150,00 for each online application for which also Dutch plant breeders rights has been applied for.


    Applications for listing in the Netherlands through the EAF system

    You wish to apply online through the EAF system and you wish to apply also for listing in the Netherlands? The EAF system has solely been set up for the online submitting of applications for plant breeders rights. In case of an application for listing in the Netherlands please fill in this form and send it to


    Questions left? Please contact us