Costs plant breeders' rights and/or listing

Applying for national plant breeders' rights and/or listing in the national variety register involves costs. An application will not be processed until the application fee is paid.

Application costs

The costs of an application in the Netherlands can be found in the applicable fees. This fee covers the administrative costs.
It is possible to make a deposit for application costs. With a deposit, an application can always be processed immediately. To apply for a deposit, please contact Bas Rozemeijer of Naktuinbouw's Finance team. If national plant breeders' rights and listing are applied at the same time, you only have to pay application costs once. Separate applications are subject to additional costs.

DUS testing costs

The costs of the DUS-test are different per crop group and are listed in the applicable fee list. The costs are listed per growing cycle. There is no different between costs for national plant breeders' rights and/or listing on the national variety register.

DUS test by other testing stations

Bilateral agreements have been made with other member states for a number of crops.
This means that for national applications in these crops (e.g. maize and fruit) the entire DUS-test will be carried out by another accredited DUS testing station.
After completion of the DUS-test, a DUS-report is sent by the testing station. For these DUS-tests, the testing costs made by the DUS-testing station are charged to the applicant.

Take-over of a DUS-report

If a plant breeders' right or application for listing of a variety has already been submitted abroad, the Board for plant varieties can take over the foreign report under certain conditions. The test must have taken place in an UPOV-country with sufficient testing expertise. The costs of taking over a report can be found in the applicable fees list.