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European Plant Breeders' Rights

Besides National Plant Breeders' Rights consists Community plant variety. The Community Plant Breeders' Rights on the whole territory of the EU. The Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) provides this. Through the website of the CPVO are the necessary application forms available. European Plant Breeders' Rights is not European listing , so there should be no starting material traded.
If the variety is already admitted to the national list or has National Plant Breeders' Rights, it is possible to take over the report by the CPVO. For a small extra fee may be requested European Plant Breeders' Rights. The CPVO will particularly assess whether the variety to the Community novelty requirements. You can acquire the national report requests in the application of the CPVO . The costs associated with applying for European Plant Breeders Rights, doing DUS- testing before and after the annual cost of the subscription right can be found on the website of the CPVO.