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National Plant Breeders' Rights

To protect the ownership of a variety, breeders can apply for the Plant Breeders' Rights for the variety. As a member state of the UPOV, the Netherlands has a national Plant Breeders' Rights system that is based on the UPOV 1991 Convention. It is possible to apply for Plant Breeders' Rights for all ornamental and arboricultural species.

If a new variety complies with DUS criteria and has been given an accepted name, the Plant Breeders' Right will be granted. The variety will be listed on the Dutch Register of Varieties.

Naktuinbouw performs tests to establish if a variety conforms to the DUS criteria. This is usually done during one growing cycle. Sometimes two or more growing cycles are necessary. DUS stands for Distinct, Uniform and Stable, which means that the variety is distinct from all other varieties, uniform and stable. DUS testing involves certain costs.