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Board for Plant Varieties

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Seeds and Planting Material Act 2005 c.a.

Seeds and Planting Material Act 2005 c.a.

The Board for Plant Varieties grants national Plant Breeders' Rights. The national Plant Breeders' Rights really is regulated in Chapter 7 of the Netherlands Seeds and Plant Materials Act 2005. The aim of Plant Breeder's Right is to protect new plant varieties. The breeder of a plant  variety with new characterestics gets gets a monopoly for a certain period on the exploitation of propagating material of the new variety. This monopoly serves not only as a reward for his breeding work, but allows the grower to recoup the investments he has made in the development of the new variety. 

Moreover, the availablability of new plant varieties with new, useful characteristics allows others to use these new varieties to breed even better varieties for the benefit of society, for example food supply. 
Registering varieties to the National Register of Plant Varieties
Another task of the Board is to decide on applications of registration of varieties to the National Register of Plant Varieties. Registration is regulated in chapters 4 and 5 of the Act.