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Publishing of variety descriptions

Procedure for publishing of variety descriptions

As from 2009, we publish variety descriptions of varieties which are listed and/or granted for Breeders´ Rights in the Netherlands. From 15 June 2020 onwards, the variety descriptions can be found online via the Dutch Variety Register NRR, as part of the website of the Board for Plant Varities. The descriptions of registered varieties are public information.

 NB: variety descriptions from before 2009 will not appear automatically on the website, but can be delivered on special request.

These are the principles:

1. The DUS-examination was carried out by Naktuinbouw, by order of the Dutch Board for Plant Varieties: description is on the website

2. The DUS-examination was outsourced by the Board to another Examination Office (EO) in the EU: description is on the website.

3. The listing or Breeders´ Rights is based on a take over of a DUS-report of an EO of another country: on the website, you will find a reference to that other country.

4. The Board orders Naktuinbouw to carry out the DUS-examination for another EO, or the CPVO orders Naktuinbouw to carry out the DUS-examination for European Breeders´ Rights: variety description not on the website.

5. The Board regularly receives requests from other UPOV-member states to draft variety descriptions of (older) listed varieties or (older) varieties granted for Breeders´ Rights: these descriptions are included yet on the website.

6. The Board orders Naktuinbouw to adapt a description drafted earlier (for example if there was an earlier description for listing which can be transferred to a granting of Breeders´ Rights, or a mistake was detected in the description): the adapted description is on the website.

7. If the application is a hybrid for which not only the hybrid is described, but also the parents (e.g. in Maize), then only the description of the F1-hybrid is on the website. In no cases a formula will be published from which it appears which are the parents of the hybrid.

8. In the case that an application is submitted for a parental line, the variety description will be published. Any parental formula will not be published.

9. If CPVO takes over a variety description of the Board: in that case, the variety is already listed for the Netherlands or is already granted for Dutch Breeders´ Rights. The variety description is already on the website.

After deletion of a variety from the list, the variety description will no longer be visible on the website.

This implies in practice that the variety description is no longer visible on the website if a Breeders´ Right is renunciated or if the Right is terminated. If the variety is still on the list (vegetables and agricultural crops), then the variety description stays on the website.

Only in the case that the listing of a variety is terminated, the variety description will no longer be visible on the website. Descriptions of varieties which are only listed will no longer be visible on the website as soon as the variety is deleted from the Dutch Variety Register NRR.