Meeting with applicants Autumn 2020 and state-of-the-art of implementing the prolongation of registration

25 augustus 2020

Last year (2019) a meeting with the applicants was organized for everyone who applies for national listing and/or national Plant Breeders´ Rights at the Dutch Board for Plant Varieties.

This meeting for Autumn 2020 is canceled. The main reason is -besides corona- that two main agenda topics for this meeting are declined.                               

These concern:

1. Progress of the project: ´policy concerning minimum variety distances in Tulip´.

Due to Covid-19, in 2020 insufficient observations could be carried out in the Tulip trials for this project. Co-operation between observers who must work in close physical distance was (and is) not safe. Therefore this project was not started in 2020. If the conditions are better, this project will start in 2021.

2. Implementing the policy of prolongation of registration

This topic has been discussed in the meeting with the applicants in November 2019. In this meeting, you mentioned some enhancements, which have been implemented in the meantime. These have resulted in an adaptation of the procedure of prolongation of registration.  (NB: this topic is not applicable for Ornamentals.)

a) During this meeting in 2019  the sector requested if the Board could inform the stakeholders in advance for which varieties the maintenance was about to expire and could be subjected to prolongation of registration, if desired. The intention is to inform each maintainer of varieties in the Dutch Variety Register (NRR) about this possible prolongation in September of each year, by an electronic letter. In order to automatically generate the required data for these letters and a correct processing of these data for prolongation of registration, a new ICT module must be developed. The design and development of this module will take substantial time. Therefore, these letters will be submitted for the first time in September 2021, for varieties with an expiration of registration in 2024.

b) Also it was asked if it would be possible to realize a reduced fee for the ´amateur-sector´. This concerns:

  • landraces,
  • varieties which are adapted to local or regional conditions in a natural way and which are threatened by genetic erosion,
  • (vegetable) varieties which do not have an intrinsic value for commercial production but are developed for growing under special conitions).

This sector is affected in a more than average way by the implementation of prolongation of registration. For this issue, a solution was found in the meantime, with help of the Ministry of LNV.

Start of prolongation of registration.

At the end of 2021 the maintainers of the varieties which are included in the Dutch Variety Register (NRR) will receive a letter with all the varieties which will be subjected to prolongation of registration in 2024.

This concerns the varieties which have been registered in 2013, for which the registration expires on 1 Januari 2024 (after 10 years). These varieties must be subjected to prolongation of registration at 2 years before the expiration date at the latest, so ultimately on 1 January 2022.

Herewith, the Board provides a reminder to all maintainers with varieties in the Dutch Variety Register to thoroughly screen your own assortment, with reference to the forthcoming obligatory prolongation of registration. It is adviced to remove (in advance) varieties from the list which are no longer active, respectively which are no longer maintained.

The topic of prolongation of registration is fine-tuned with Plantum on a regular basis.

During the year 2021, I will keep you informed about the progress and the planning.

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