Procedure regarding publishing variety descriptions on the website

26 januari 2017

Since 2009, we have published variety descriptions of the varieties which have been granted Plant Breeders’ Rights or are listed in the Netherlands on the  Naktuinbouw website. The descriptions of the listed varieties are accessible as public information. 

The principles

Naktuinbouw performed DUS testing: description on the website.
Naktuinbouw did not perform DUS testing, but has used test results obtained from another Examination Office (EO): description on the website.
The listing or granting of Plant Breeders’ Rights is based on the DUS report of another EO: reference is made to the other country on the website.
We amend a previous description (for example, if the initial description was for listing purposes and Dutch Plant Breeders’ Rights were granted at a later stage, or because the information contained a mistake): amended description on the website.
Naktuinbouw performs DUS testing for another EO or for the CPVO, the variety is not listed for the Netherlands but for another country: no variety description on the website.
We regularly receive requests from other member states to provide variety descriptions of (older) varieties listed in the Netherlands or granted Plant Breeders’ Rights. These descriptions are then also placed on the website. 

These aspects are also considered

If the application concerns a hybrid, whereby the description concerns the hybrid and its parents (for example, maize), then the website will only publish the description of the F1 hybrid. A formula that would reveal the identity of the hybrid's parents must never be published.
If the application was submitted for a parent line, the variety description will be published. Any formula stated of the parent line will not be published.
CPVO takes over one of our reports: in this case the variety has already been listed in the Netherlands or has been granted Dutch Plant Breeders’ Rights. The variety description is already on the website.
CPVO requests us to perform additional testing after one year of testing for listing by performing a breeders’ co-trial: the listing report belongs to us and is published on our website. The additional report belongs to the CPVO. We do not publish it on our website.
The variety descriptions of crops that we report on under direct orders of CPVO are not published on our website either. 

Experiences from the business sector

We have been asked, including by the business sector, if descriptions of withdrawn varieties can be deleted from the website. Continuing to display the description of expired varieties on the website leads to confusion about the variety's status. Companies receive unnecessary requests to send samples. 

When a variety has been withdrawn, the description is also deleted from the website.

We have agreed this with the CPVO and asked for their view. In practice, this means that a variety description is deleted from our website when the right to Plant Breeders’ Rights has been surrendered, or if the rights have expired. If the variety is still entitled to listing (vegetable or agricultural crop), the variety description will remain on the website. The variety description will only be deleted when also the listing status has expired. Descriptions of varieties with only  admission status will be deleted from the website when the variety is deleted from the Dutch National Variety Register.
Please note that all variety descriptions will always remain available for the reference collection.

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