Prolongation of registration postponed

29 april 2020

In the meeting of the Board for Plant Varieties of 13 November 2019 it was communicated that the procedure for prolongation of registration would start in 2020. In the meantime, this implementation has been postponed, and now we attempt to implement the procedure in 2021. The reason is that in the meeting with the applicants some important questions arose. Among others, it was advised that reminders should be submitted to the companies, about the varieties which were scheduled for prolongation of registration. Also, the position of the varieties for subsistence farming and conservation varieties had to be clarified. Besides, a number of (IT-)issues had to be solved. The realization of these actions was (indirectly) delayed by the corona virus outbreak.


Intended date and communication

Therefore, in the meantime it was decided to do our best for an implementation in 2021. Of course, the companies involved will be informed timely and in detail about the further developments and needed actions. We expect that this communication will take place in the second half of 2020.


Background of prolongation of registration

The Board will request the maintainers of plant varieties in the agricultural and vegetable sectors -after the expiration of the legal terms of registration of 10 years- to prolongate the registration. In this way the maintainers are forced to evaluate once in 10 years if the registration of a certain variety has to be prolonged in the Dutch Variety Register (NRR). The additional advantage is that by this action a ´clean´ Register arises in which only actual data are stored about the varieties and their maintainers. Prolonged registration is obligatory by law but up till now, this was not yet implemented in the Netherlands. Therefore it is important that this situation will be corrected. NB: all EU-member states which are important for the sectors mentioned above, have a procedure for prolongation of registration. However, the implementation of such a prolongation requires a substantial effort, both in the development of efficient procedures as in the (technological) realization of this. We foresee that a fee of € 215 will be charged for each variety which will be applied for prolongation of registration.

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