Revision Technical Questionnaire (TQ's)

03 augustus 2020

For the submission of an application for listing and/or Breeders´ Rights, the drafting of a Technical Questionnaire (TQ) is obligatory. These TQ´s contain important information for the design of the DUS-trials and an efficient carrying out of the DUS-examination. You can find the TQ´s for Dutch listing and/or Dutch Breeders´ Rights on the website of the Dutch Board for Plant Varieties:

The TQ´s for applications for European Breeders´ Rights are on the website of the CPVO:

At the moment, there are differences between the TQ´s of the Board and those of the CPVO. For example, it concerns differences in the obligatory information which has to be provided. This is confusing, as the DUS-examination for listing and/or Dutch Breeders’ Rights is exactly the same as that for European Breeders´ Rights.

Therefore, the following is decided:

  1. The TQ´s of the Board will be harmonised as much as possible with the TQ´s of the CPVO.
  2. The obligatory information will be clearly indicated and will be also in line with the CPVO. On the form, the obligatory information will be indicated with an asterisk (*).
  3. If this information is not provided in the TQ, the applicant or representative will be reminded for one time. This will be done by one of the employees of Team Support, on behalf of the Board. If the information is even not provided after the reminder, the application will be treated as withdrawn. NB: the application fee will not be credited.


It is also possible to submit an online application for listing and/or Breeders´ Rights, for the Board as well for the CPVO. If the obligatory information is lacking, this will be indicated in the online system. In this way, the applications are always submitted completely.Another advantage of the online module is the lower application fee for online applications. The processing of an online application is fully automized. No actions need to be carried out by hand. This effect is clearly visible in the fees (see table below):

Application fee 2020 for NL-listing and NL-Breeders´ Rights


Vegetables and Ornamentals (€)

Agricultural Crops (€)

Application on paper or as PDF



Application fully online



The fee for online applications can be found also in the overview of fees of the Board:

In the coming months the applicants/representatives will be kept informed about revised TQ´s via the website of the Board.

Together with the CPVO and other Examination Offices, the Board will continue with a further harmonisation of the TQ’s. This concerns the providing of characteristics, sometimes in paragraph 5 and sometimes in paragraph 7 of the TQ. If this has been harmonised as well, it will become even more easy to request for online take over of reports. This discussion will take a bit more time and probably, this will result in a further adaptation of the TQ’s.

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