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19 september 2019

Dear applicants,


By this email I invite you to participate in an open meeting with the applicants, organized by the (Dutch) Board for Plant Varieties. This meeting will be held in the afternoon of 13 November 2019 in Roelofarendsveen.


Some time ago, the Board for Plant Varieties and Naktuinbouw have decided to split the communication with the Companies about Breeders’ Rights and Variety Registration in two separate meetings. In this way, the various subjects are put on the agenda at the right place:

A meeting for everyone that uses the Dutch system for registration of plant varieties or for applying for National Breeders’ Rights under the responsibility of the Board for Plant Varieties. For this aim, a meeting will be organized at two times a year for all interested  people. In this meeting, the emphasis will be on the administrative and procedural activities concerning the applications.
The Advisory Panel of the Variety Testing Department of Naktuinbouw, where the technical subjects about DUS-examination are discussed under the responsibility of Naktuinbouw. This Panel is for a selected group of experts only. The terms of reference and the structure of the existing Panel will be adapted from 1 January 2020.


During the meeting with the applicants on 13 November, among others, the following subjects will be scheduled:

A short introduction about the backgrounds and aims of the meetings with the applicants.
The policy about re-registration of Agricultural and Vegetable varieties after the expiration deadline of 10 years (explanation by the Board).
Electronic application of: national applications (website Board), EU-applications (CPVO-module) and Breeders’ Rights in UPOV-countries (UPOV-module).
Presentation of the results of the methodology project on minimum distances in tulip.


Besides, we invite you to indicate other items for discussion. We prefer to receive these items before the start of the meeting. A final version of the agenda will be submitted to all applicants, approximately 10 days before the meeting.


If you intend to join the meeting, please subscribe using this link.

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