Submission of Dutch national applications via the online system on the CPVO-website

01 februari 2016

Submission of Dutch national applications via the online system on the CPVO-website

As from now on it is possible to submit online applications for listing in The Netherlands (Board for plant varieties) or France (GEVES) and/or plant breeders rights on behalf of the CPVO, GEVES or Dutch board for plant varieties. The online system is available on the website of the CPVO ((


This online system has been developed in a cooperation between CPVO, GEVES and Naktuinbouw and has recently become available. It concerns a system which is operating separately from the already existing online system of the CPVO for the submission of applications for European plant breeders rights.


The online system looks similar and is operating on a similar way like the CPVO online system. The difference is that also national applications (for listing and/or plant breeders rights) can be submitted for the Netherlands and France. Applications that are submitted via this system can be re-used to submit to one of the contributors to the system (CPVO, GEVES, Naktuinbouw).


With this new online system it is possible for applicants to submit efficiently their applications and submitted information can easily be re-used. After the applicant has filled in the application via the online system, the application will be submitted automatically to the concerned authority. The applicant will receive a confirmation of the submission.


At this moment it is possible to submit national applications for listing and/or plant breeders rights in the species tomato and lettuce. Other species will become available in the course of 2016.

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