Submit your application for listing and/or plant breeder’s rights on time

08 oktober 2020

There is an closing date for each crop for filing an application at the Board for Plant Varieties.

This means that on this date, the application form, the TQ (Technical Questionnaire) and payment of the application fee must be received by this date.

The closing dates are shown in the S2 of the CPVO.


DUS-trial takes 2 weeks

For several crops Naktuinbouw is not entrusted (not authorized) to do the DUS test.

Via the S3 of the CPVO you can see which offices are entrusted to carry out the DUS-testing.

At point 9 on the application form you can fill in, which office must carry out the DUS-testing.


In case Naktuinbouw is not entrusted, the DUS-testing will be outsourced to an entrusted office.
It takes two weeks handling time to send to send a request for a DUS test to another entrusted office.


Apply on time
Please, send in your application on time before the closing date and take into account the handling time of two weeks.
If the application will be received and completed just before the final date, the time to outsource the DUS-testing can be too short.

As a result, the application can be received by the foreign entrusted office too late and the DUS-trial has to start one year later.

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