Procedure fruit crops

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Online application

Filing an application

1 of the tasks of the Board for plant varieties is to register varieties and grant national plant breeders' rights. These applications can be submitted by e-mail and via an online module. An application consists of an administrative and a DUS-test.

Administrative test

The administrative test consists of checking the data below. You can submit this data to the Board for plant varieties, team support. They are:

  • Application form
  • Technical Questionnaire
  • Photo, in case of an ornamental application mandatory
  • Denomination proposal
  • Information about the novelty of the variety (only relevant when applying for plant breeders’ rights)

DUS-test: research into Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability

DUS-testing is carried out by an accredited DUS-research station within the EU. For fruit, this is crop-dependent and for many crops there is a choice. This examination looks at whether the variety in question is distinctive, uniform and stable. More information about the DUS-test can be found on the Naktuinbouw website and/or the relevant DUS-research station in the EU. Data on recognised DUS-stations per crop can be found on the CPVO website (S2/S3 publication).

Granting plant breeders' rights and/or registration of varieties

If the variety meets the DUS-requirements, the relevant DUS-research station prepares a positive final report, including the variety description. The Board for plant varieties checks this and sends the final report with variety description together with a consent form to the applicant. If the applicant agrees with the final report and variety description, the admission and/or national plant breeders' rights can be granted by the Board.

For admission of fruit varieties, a and b varieties are distinguished. More information on this can be found in the document Variety Register Of Fruit Crops.



Dutch trade list of fruit varieties

A list of fruit varieties can be found in the Dutch trade list of fruit varieties. This is a copy of the national variety register, supplemented with additional information such as trade names and selections. This list also includes varieties traded in the Netherlands that are not listed in the national variety register, but are registered elsewhere in the EU.

Relevant documents and forms