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Plant Breeders' Rights and/or listing

For the different specie groups, there are specific procedures for Plant Breeders' Rights or listing on the national list. Click on the specie group of your choice.

To find out if a certain specie is classified as a field specie or vegetable specie, click here.

  • National list

    In order to market a variety of a vegetable or agricultural species within the European Union (EU), it must have been listed first. Read more...

  • EU common catalogue

    Once a variety is listed on the Dutch Register of Varieties, it is admitted to the marketing channels in the EU. The Board for Plant Varieties announces the listing to the European Union and the other EU member states, read more...

  • National Plant Breeders' Rights

    To protect the ownership of the variety, breeders can apply for the Plant Breeders' Rights for the variety. As a member state of the UPOV, the Netherlands has a national Plant Breeders' Rights system that is based on the UPOV 1991 Convention. Read more...

  • National list and Plant Breeders' Rights

    The application for inclusion in the Dutch national list can be combined with an application for national Plant Breeders' Rights. The DUS-test applies for both applications. This saves the applicant money. Read more...

  • European Plant Breeders' Rights

    Alongside national Plant Breeders' Rights there are also community Plant Breeders' Rights that are valid for all EU member states. The Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) grants these rights. Read more...