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Board for Plant Varieties

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VCU test

Testing for the value for Cultivation and Use (VCU) of an agricultural variety is required for admission to the national list . VCU testing is not carried out at Naktuinbouw. The application form for VCU testing and the technical questionnaire can be downloaded from the website.

The VCU test is organised and financed by the breeders (Plantum), and the industry and is performed according to the protocols established by the Board for Plant Varieties.

Testing for VCU is carried out by the following institutes:

WUR-Field Crops in Lelystad for maize and cereals;
Delphy in Dronten for catch crops and green manure crops;
WUR-Livestock Research in Lelystad for foddergrasses and white clover;
IRS (Instituut voor Rationele Suikerproductie) in Dinteloord for sugar beet and industrial cichory;
NAK Services Nederland B.V. in Emmeloord for potatoes.

The Board for Plant Varieties is responsible for the testing methods (specie protocols) and for the correctness and reliability of the results.

The VCU-results are published in periodical press releases and published in the form of Variety Bulletins by the relevant institute.

The official VCU test for the purpose of admission for most species is followed by an extra growing cycle for the purpose of the list with recommended varieties. Based on in total three years of VCU, the CSAR (the Dutch commission which decides on admitting varieties to the list with recommended varieties) decides if the variety will be included in the list with recommended varieties. This list is published annually by the companies involved.