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Forest stands

  • Forest stands are mainly stands (populations of at least 30 genetically different trees standing together) that are assessed on the basis of external characteristics and, if they meet the requirements of the law, be included to to the National Register of Varieties in category 'source-identified' or 'selected'. Seed of orchards may be included in the Register in the 'approved' category. Afterwards, Registered forest stands can be upgraded to the 'tested' category as comparative tests of the descendants of these stands show that their characteristics are genetically determined.

    The marketing of propagating material of forest stands for forestry purposes is only allowed if that propagating material descends from accepted and Registered stands. The acceptance of varieties and stands is left to the Member States. In the Netherlands this is done under the "Seeds and Planting Materials Act 2005 'by the Board for plant varieties.

    Preliminary test

    Prior to the submission of applications to the Board for plantvarieties the forest stands are assessed by the Netherlands Centre for Genetic Resources (CGN) on appearance quality. CGN provides advice on the application. In connection with an assessment to a possible upgrade to the 'tested' categorie, CGN has been commissioned and funded by the Board of plant varieties.

    List of National Trees

    Also in compliance with Community legislation (Directive 1999/105 on the marketing of forest reproductive material) there is a List of National Trees. As of February 1, 2006 the issuing of the list is a responsibility of the Board for Plant Varieties. The catalog contains the assessed and approved forest stands whose basic material is important for forestry purposes. In addition, the List of National Trees contains information on forest stands and shrub crops, whose basic material is recommended for the park facility. As of September 2012, the List of National Trees is published in digital form, which can be accessed free of charge via a website. More about the national register of trees.

    EC Council Directive 1999/105 specifies, among others, that forest reproductive material may be placed on the market as it belongs to one of the four categories of the directive.

    Besides that the basic material, the trees form which reproductive material is harvested, has been approved.

    Here the overview of forest stands listed in the EU.

    On the basis of the national lists published by the Member States there has been published an EU list. Further EC legislation on forestry can also be found here under chapter: Forest reproductive material.