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Board for Plant Varieties

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Granting Plant Breeders' Rights

If a variety complies with the demands of novelty, has an acceptable name and meets the DUS demands for distinctness (D), uniformity (U) and stability (S) Naktuinbouw will ussue a DUS report, including a description of the variety.
This report is sent to the applicant. The applicant will be asked to approve and agree with the conclusions in the report. In exceptional circumstances, the report can be amended.


The Board for Plant Varieties (or for European Plant Breeders’ Rights the CPVO) takes a positive or negative decision based on the final DUS report. When making its decisions, the Board takes into consideration the response of the applicant.

If the applicant returns the agreement form to a positive report without comments, and the variety has an suitable denomination, the Board for Plant Varieties grants the right. If case the agreement form is not returned, the decision on the application of the Plant Breeders' Rights follows after two months. Another six weeks later the variety will be registered in the Dutch Variety Register.

So a swift return of the agreement form can accelerate the registration of  the variety with 4.5 months.


The applicant can file an appeal against the decision of the Board of Appeal within six weeks. An appeal is also possible in the event of a positive decision, if there are certain aspects the applicant does not agree with. The CPVO has its own system for appeal regarding European Plant Breeder's Rights.
If no objection is filed, the decision of the Board regarding the grant or refuse of a Plant Breeders' Rights will be published after the six week period in the Gazette, the e-bulletin of the Board.


The Board for Plant Varieties is also the authoritie which is responsible for listing varieties on the National list of Varieties. The Board does not charge an annual fee for the maintenance of Plant Breeders' Rights, on the National list of plant varieties.